An Angel Capital Model for the Life Sciences

Since 2005, LSA has invested nearly $50 million in over 40 companies which have received an additional $1 billion in follow-on funding from VCs and strategics.

Our Approach

LSA is not just angel money. We operate as a small, proactive VC firm, offering our entrepreneur partners unique value beyond financing.

Strong Connections

We connect entrepreneurs with domain experts, industry veterans, premier law firms, venture capital resources, and strategic partners throughout the industry. LSA members include several leading venture capital partnerships and other angel organizations nationwide.

Fundraising Support

We syndicate deals and participate in follow-on rounds, to ensure that our companies can continue hit critical milestones and grow. Direct investments are typically $250k-$750k, with syndicated financings ranging $1.5M-$6M.

Practical Expertise

We draw on our members’ deep domain expertise in medical technology and operations to provide companies with unique, specific, industry-relevant insights. We take board seats and work side by side with entrepreneurs to drive companies toward their goals.

Our History

Life Science Angels, Inc. was founded in 2004 by senior life science executives and experienced angel investors as a vehicle to bring angel capital to worthy early stage biotech and medical device companies.

Formally launched in January 2005 with backing from 15 industry sponsors, LSA follows a rigorous due diligence process before presenting investment opportunities to its membership. LSA also works with select angel groups, venture capitalists and outside investors to syndicate opportunities requiring larger investments.

Life Science Angels is a not-for-profit corporation that takes no carry or management fees on any investment. We do not charge companies any fees to apply or present and prohibit members from seeking any form of compensation related to LSA consideration.


Our Members

LSA is an organization of dozens of experienced life science professionals and investors. All members provide time, work and advice on a strictly pro bono basis.

Learn more about our partners

Life Science Angels is sponsored by several premier service organizations. Many offer our membership special services tailored to the life science industries and emerging and startup companies.

Our Portfolio Companies

Since 2005, LSA has invested nearly $50 million in over 40 companies which have received an additional $1 billion in follow-on funding from VCs and strategics.
  • InnerScope Research
    InnerScope ResearchSuccessful Exit

    Combining biometrics, neurometrics and psychometrics to deliver unprecedented understanding of consumer behavior. Acquired by Nielsen in 2015

  • Carmenta Bioscience
    Carmenta BioscienceSuccessful Exit

    Improving maternal and fetal health through the development of a highly accurate, serum-based diagnostic test for preeclampsia. Acquired by Progenity in 2015

  • BioTrace Medical
    BioTrace MedicalCurrent Portfolio Company

    Stealth stage medical device company based in San Carlos, California. Raised $3.5M in Series A financing in 2014.

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