Successful Exits

  • Allylix
    AllylixSuccessful Exit

    High quality, low-cost terpene products for the flavor and fragrance, food ingredient, pharmaceutical, agricultural and biofuel markets. Acquired by Evolva in 2014

  • Carmenta Bioscience
    Carmenta BioscienceSuccessful Exit

    Improving maternal and fetal health through the development of a highly accurate, serum-based diagnostic test for preeclampsia. Acquired by Progenity in 2015

  • CV Ingenuity
    CV IngenuitySuccessful Exit

    Drug-coated balloon platforms for the touch-and-go treatment of vascular diseases. Acquired by Covidien in 2013

  • eNicotine
    eNicotineSuccessful Exit

    Next generation electronic nicotine delivery products that dramatically reduce smoking urge while using up to 70% less nicotine than cigarettes or other e-cigarettes

  • InnerScope Research
    InnerScope ResearchSuccessful Exit

    Combining biometrics, neurometrics and psychometrics to deliver unprecedented understanding of consumer behavior. Acquired by Nielsen in 2015

  • Moleculo
    MoleculoSuccessful Exit

    Innovative DNA sequencing technology for generating long, accurate reads that combines a new library preparation method and genome analysis tools. Acquired by Illumina in 2012

  • MoMelan Technologies
    MoMelan TechnologiesSuccessful Exit

    Innovative skin grafting solutions to standardize autologous epidermal grafting. Acquired by Kinetic Concepts in 2012

    • N Spine
      N SpineSuccessful Exit

      Devices for posterior fusion and dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine via minimally invasive surgery. Acquired by Synthes in 2007

      • Nanostim
        NanostimSuccessful Exit

        The world’s first commercially available, self-contained leadless implantable pacemaker. Acquired by St. Jude Medical in 2013

      • Textronics
        TextronicsCurrent Portfolio Company

        Wearable textile sensors for use in fitness and health monitoring, while seamlessly integrating into everyday garments. Acquired by Adidas in 2008

        • Vasonova
          VasonovaCurrent Portfolio Company

          Intravascular catheter navigation technology utilizing proprietary sensors to improve placement efficiency, patient throughput and cost-effectiveness. Acquired by Teleflex in 2011

        • Zogenix
          ZogenixSuccessful Exit

          Developing innovative therapies and drug-delivery solutions for the clinical needs of people living with CNS and pain-related conditions. IPO in 2010

        Current Portfolio Companies

        • Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics
          Advanced Cardiac TherapeuticsCurrent Portfolio Company

          Real time lesion assessment for cardiac ablation in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias

          • Aegis Surgical
            Aegis SurgicalCurrent Portfolio Company

            Innovative technologies designed to enable simpler, safer, percutaneous transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)

            • Amplyx Pharmaceuticals
              Amplyx PharmaceuticalsCurrent Portfolio Company

              Platform approach to improve small molecule drugs by the addition of a second small molecule to an existing drug, resulting in more targeted therapeutics

            • ApopLogic Pharmaceuticals
              ApopLogic PharmaceuticalsCurrent Portfolio Company

              Discovery, development, and commercialization of therapeutic products that target apoptotic cell death pathways

              • Axome Theraputics
                Axome TheraputicsCurrent Portfolio Company

                Axsome Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapies for the treatment of pain and other neurological diseases.

              • Biomimedica
                BiomimedicaCurrent Portfolio Company

                Pioneering new approaches to repair joints through synthetic cartilage technology

              • BioTrace Medical
                BioTrace MedicalCurrent Portfolio Company

                Stealth stage medical device company based in San Carlos, California. Raised $3.5M in Series A financing in 2014

              • Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals, Inc
                Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals, IncCurrent Portfolio Company

                Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals, Inc. addresses the emerging global threat of infectious diseases by discovering and developing a new class of small molecule antibiotic medicines.

              • Breathe Technologies
                Breathe TechnologiesCurrent Portfolio Company

                Portable oxygen delivery and ventilation system that enables severe COPD patients to perform normal daily activities and improve their natural breathing mechanics

              • Catheter Connections
                Catheter ConnectionsCurrent Portfolio Company

                Creators of the DualCap® system, which safely disinfects both IV tubing end connectors and needle-free valves — a major breakthrough for infection control

              • Chimera
                ChimeraCurrent Portfolio Company

                Chimera Bioengineering is focused on building control systems for chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapeutics.

                • CoMentis
                  CoMentisCurrent Portfolio Company

                  Small molecule drugs for the treatment of Central Nervous System diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia

                • Elenza
                  ElenzaCurrent Portfolio Company

                  The world’s first electronic “AutoFocal” Intraocular Lens, designed to give patients complete visual range across near, intermediate and distance vision

                • Embolx
                  EmbolxCurrent Portfolio Company

                  Transarterial delivery systems for tumor embolization therapy, enabling the delivery of anticancer agents directly into the tumor vasculature

                  • Figure 8 Surgical
                    Figure 8 SurgicalCurrent Portfolio Company

                    An FDA-cleared, simple, strong, and cost-effective system for primary sternal closure after open heart surgery

                  • First Light Biosciences
                    First Light BiosciencesCurrent Portfolio Company

                    First Light Biosciences is developing breakthrough automated medical diagnostic products for rapid, sensitive, and cost-effective detection of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI).

                  • Fluxion Biosciences
                    Fluxion BiosciencesCurrent Portfolio Company

                    Automating high-throughput, complex single cell assays with microfluidic platforms for use in critical life science, drug discovery, and diagnostic applications

                  • Gemmus Pharma
                    Gemmus PharmaCurrent Portfolio Company

                    Innovative pharmaceutical products for the treatment of influenza and other viral infectious diseases through modulating natural immune responses

                  • InnerScope Research
                    InnerScope ResearchSuccessful Exit

                    Combining biometrics, neurometrics and psychometrics to deliver unprecedented understanding of consumer behavior. Acquired by Nielsen in 2015

                  • InvVax
                    InvVaxCurrent Portfolio Company

                    InvVax is commercializing the world’s first universal influenza vaccine.

                  • Lypro BioSciences
                    Lypro BioSciencesCurrent Portfolio Company

                    Drug delivery nanotechnology that increases the solubility and bioavailability of hydrophobic drugs and other therapeutic compounds and facilitates targeting to specific receptors

                  • Mindshare Medical
                    Mindshare MedicalCurrent Portfolio Company


                    Our solution provides personalized diagnostics and guidance on the effectiveness of follow-up procedures and treatments. This approach is intended to dramatically improve quality of patient care and reduce financial liability for healthcare organizations

                    • NeuroHealing Pharmaceuticals
                      NeuroHealing PharmaceuticalsCurrent Portfolio Company

                      Clinical stage development of innovative treatments for specialty indications based on repositioning neurologically active compounds

                    • Niveus Medical
                      Niveus MedicalCurrent Portfolio Company

                      Muscle stimulation technologies to keep key muscle groups strong during periods of sedation and bed rest to accelerate patient recovery in the ICU

                    • Numedii
                      NumediiCurrent Portfolio Company

                      Revolutionizing drug discovery by Translating Big Data into pipeline drug candidates with a higher probability of success

                    • nVision
                      nVisionCurrent Portfolio Company

                      Focused on the development of female health-related medical devices, including in-office diagnosis and treatment of female infertility caused by fallopian tube dysfunction

                    • OncoHealth
                      OncoHealthCurrent Portfolio Company

                      Protein biomarker diagnostics for revolutionizing screening and diagnostics of cervical cancer and other HPV-associated cancers

                      • Orlucent
                        OrlucentCurrent Portfolio Company

                        An early stage medical diagnostics company engaging in the development of diagnostic tools for melanoma

                      • PharmaSecure
                        PharmaSecureCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Transforming healthcare delivery in emerging markets by tracking the distribution of medicines and understanding the behavior and outcomes of the patients who use them

                      • Physcient
                        PhyscientCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Safely and rapidly providing critical surgical views, with the first modern instrument designed specifically for blunt dissection

                      • Purissima
                        PurissimaCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Ultra High Impact Biotherapeutics for Life

                      • Retrotope
                        RetrotopeCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Clinical development of new drug classes that treat degenerative diseases and improve life as we age

                      • Sandstone Diagnostics
                        Sandstone DiagnosticsCurrent Portfolio Company

                        A revolutionary approach to fertility management that empowers men to monitor their sperm quality, take charge of their fertility, and improve their chances of conception

                      • Seal Rock Therapeutics
                        Seal Rock TherapeuticsCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Developing best-in-class treatments for inflammatory and fibrotic conditions with no approved therapies.

                      • SinuSys
                        SinuSysCurrent Portfolio Company

                        New therapies to improve the sinus health of patients with chronic sinusitis using osmotic self-expanding insert technology

                      • Spirox
                        SpiroxCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Minimally invasive technologies that improve the quality of life for patients with nasal obstruction

                      • Stimwave Technologies
                        Stimwave TechnologiesCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Wirelessly powered, injectable, microtechnology neurostimulators, providing patients with a convenient, safe, minimally invasive, and highly cost-effective pain management solution

                      • Theron Pharmaceuticals
                        Theron PharmaceuticalsCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Best-in-class, long acting M3 muscarinic antagonists (LAMA) for the improved treatment of chronic respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and severe asthma

                      • Thrive Bioscience
                        Thrive BioscienceCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Early-stage company developing new lab instrumentation for life science analytical and automation technologies

                      • Tiatros
                        TiatrosCurrent Portfolio Company

                        The world’s first Healthcare Relationship Management solution delivered from a HIPAA compliant health cloud, empowering physicians to harness the power of digital health technologies

                      • Uptake Medical
                        Uptake MedicalCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Safe and effective, energy-based, bronchoscopic lung volume reduction (BLVR) treatment aimed at improving lung function and quality of life in patients with emphysema and COPD

                      • Vaxart
                        VaxartCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Vaxart is a privately held, clinical-stage company with a proprietary oral vaccine delivery platform suitable to deliver recombinant vaccines. Vaxart is currently developing oral versions of seasonal and pandemic influenza, norovirus, and RSV feature vaccines.

                      • Velomedix
                        VelomedixCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Therapeutic hypothermia technology offering a novel solution for the protection of the body’s organs during ischemic or inflammatory insults

                      • Vet24seven
                        Vet24sevenCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Vet24seven is a mobile platform and telemedicine network that uses virtual consultations to make on-demand animal care convenient and accessible.

                      • Visioneering Technologies
                        Visioneering TechnologiesCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Redefining vision through revolutionary solutions for presbyopia, myopia progression control and astigmatism through products such as contact lenses and intraocular lenses

                      • Zephyrus Biosciences
                        Zephyrus BiosciencesCurrent Portfolio Company

                        Zephyrus Biosciences provides research tools to enable protein analysis at the single cell level. Zephyrus Biosciences’ first product, the scWestern system,  addresses the burgeoning single-cell analysis market.